Who we are

We are a young small business specialising in the purchase of organic fruits and vegetables and we have a big heart for organic products. Our company is based in southern Spain in Álora, Málaga. We are close to all our growers and even produce organic fruits and vegetables ourselves. Our international and thus also multilingual team is just the right mixture of experienced agricultural engineers and young spirit. We are fluent in: German, Spanish, French, English and Portuguese.

We know the demands of our commercial customers very well. Our goal is to always grow and purchase high-quality organic products for all our customers. Our company was therefore founded based on the concept of being close to cultivation, close to the product and thus being able to consistently guarantee top-quality organic products. Our own cultivated produce is EU organic as well as Demeter-certified.

What we do

Why do we deal so intensively with organic fruits and vegetables? Nature offers a lot and we do not always appreciate it. Our belief is basic: healthy soil creates healthy plants. Healthy plants bear healthy fruits. Healthy fruits provide us with healthy nourishment. That is what we do. Quite simply: farming and harvesting together with nature.

By the way, we can also provide:

• Storage
• Packaging
• Logistics

All for organic products only – of course.

Warehouse and logistics

Our 925 m² warehouse is used exclusively for the storage of organic products. It is located right next to our company headquarters in Álora, Málaga. All our organic produce is processed, washed and packaged here. And since this ensures direct access to the stocked goods, we can always meet the high demands of our customers.

Beyond that, we are part of an established logistics network and thus capable of transporting goods inside of Spain as well as all of Europe.

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